Thursday, August 06, 2009

Confessions of a Proud Wearer of Mom Jeans...

So, they had an article (more of a series of searches) focusing on how awful "mom jeans" are. I saw a very funny Saturday Night Live segment on this many years ago as well. But now, I'm coming to their defense (with the notable exception of the hideous contraptions Jessica Simpson is wearing in some of the photos...). Because the thing that I think many opponents of mom jeans miss is that these jeans aren't designed for twenty-something year old starlets. They're designed for moms. Real moms. People like me. Who've earned every stretch mark, who've earned twin skin (this would be the double or triple amounts of skin that twins leaves you with), who've earned extra baby weight.

For those of us real people out there who have bodies that aren't perfect and know that low-riders simply push the fat up higher for all to see, someone designed mom jeans. The denim helps pull in that extra unsightly layer of skin and stuff. It makes it so that we can go out feeling like a normal (and comfortable) human instead of feeling that everyone will be staring at our midsections. In short, mom jeans should be worn by moms. Not cute as a button little starlets (or even cute as a button tiny moms), but those of us who are not tiny and cute as a button. Those of us who may be small, but have big personalities and big lives that need mom jeans to hold them. Instead of reviling this wonderful invention, I applaud it.

Happy Mom Jeans!


At 10:56 PM , Anonymous kinzi said...

Heh-heh, I remember being 25 and thinking the mommy-belly would NEVER happen to me!

I too applaud the mommy-jeans even when daddies wear them.

It's much comfier to cuddle a cushy mommy than a stick-figure.

At 6:58 AM , Blogger MommaBean said...

Yeah, those were the days. But even the sticks often look overweight in the low slung, tight waist to keep them from becoming knee-highs, teehe.

For me and my twin skin, we love our Mom Jeans!


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