Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Guessing Game: What Country is this Shopping Cart in?

For those expecting something serious or even semi-serious, keep looking. This post is totally whimsical. After finding Pillsbury Grands Cinnamon Rolls at the store, I had to take a picture of my cart. As you will notice, the products that feature prominently in the front are:
Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls
Old El Paso Taco Mixes
Old El Paso Taco Dinner Kit
Betty Crocker Cake Mix
And, for those who are currently envious and shooting me a virtual evil eye over the cinnamon rolls, take it back, now! They weren't actually put into the system, so I was unable to purchase them :(. I was SO looking forward to the melting cinnamon and the icing from the little white tub. Smearing it onto the hot rolls. Man, now I'm bummed...
Happy guessing!


At 3:32 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey where did you find the cinnamon rolls?It was my dream that someone would start bringing them in?I used to buy them in Doha, they are yummylicious!!

At 8:55 AM , Blogger MommaBean said...

Safeway. In the fridge cases by near the milk (behind the unrefrigerated tower of Hamoudeh milk). Hope you have better luck than I did :(. :)

At 10:05 PM , Blogger Sam said...

Im just hoping they will get some real milk...u know the 1% and 2% that we buy here..not that long shelf stuff they sell in jordan...then i will be ready to move to jordan...
mmmmmmm cinnamon buns..i have not had that for ages...i will have one on my next cheat day..

At 11:25 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's why I never saw them..I never shop for groceries at safeway..I only go to the upper floor for hardware stuff and toys..not next time though..I am getting me some of those cinnaomon rolls for sure..

At 12:03 AM , Blogger MommaBean said...

Salam, they'll probably be gone by then. I'm afraid by the time I get back in they'll be gone. They had like 5 packages. They also had one of Pillsbury's bread items (not the crescent rolls, but something).

Sam, If you're like me, you begin to LOVE the fact that they have long life milk here. They're packaged in tiny little boxes and my kids go through about 15 litres a week. So, that's 15 boxes. I'd be going to the store for milk everyday. In the US I used organic which also lasted longer and had to buy about 7 half gallons a week. So, we go through the milk big time. It made our lives much easier to be able to buy it and keep it at room temperature. But, the taste of the milk varies widely by brand. I won't buy substitute brands because some are so unexciting that the kids won't drink them :).

At 2:04 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

did some one say to go...:-)

At 7:26 AM , Blogger MommaBean said...

Mean, mean! Abu Shakuush, you should be ashamed.


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