Saturday, May 26, 2007

Our Queen in the news in a surprising way

So, I would have missed this if not for my own over 35 status (and the resulting curiosity). Queen Rania has made it to number 5 on the sexiest woman over 35 list out this week from MSN Lifestyle:Men. Now, on a list that includes Halle Berry, Salma Hayek, and Elle McPherson, that's no small feat. The list is unabashedly biased towards women with a brain and those who are "doing something." So, it's no surprise to me that Queen Rania appears here. Not only is she stunning to behold, but her list of works speaks for itself. Congratulations Queen Rania!

Happy 35 and over!


At 11:36 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did u read this ..

"and it also doesn't hurt that she's the Queen of one of our biggest allies in the Middle East, where we don’t exactly have a surplus of friends" ??

اشي برفع الراس والله .. يعني يحق لنا ان نفتخر .. يعني الفلوس اللي بتصرفها الست على ازياءها وشعرها بتكفي اطعام مئات العائلات المعدمه في الاردن
على كل حال ما بنقول الا الله يرحمك يا ماري انطوانيت

At 3:12 AM , Blogger MommaBean said...

I have no clue what the arabic portion of your comment says, but yes I read it. It's one of those DUH statements. What, with our fine policies and amazing sensitive actions the US has few friends. DUHHHHHHH.

At 4:14 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

mmm.. I must have read your profile before posting my comment, I thought you were some guy from Jordan!!! ... Sorry

Any way, I said that the amount of money she spends on here dresses, accessories and hair is enough to feed 100’s of poor families in Jordan ..

And the second thing was “May God rest Marie Antoinette soul in peace”

At 6:26 AM , Blogger MommaBean said...

I see. Can't disagree (I have no knowledge about her expenses), but then she IS Queen and if anyone has an image to uphold it would be the Queen, right?

And, I'm certainly not a guy from jordan, but a gal now from Jordan :).

At 3:42 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

She is no different than QUEEN NOOR who used to go on jewelry shopping sprees while the country was asking gulf states for aid ..

Poor people in refugee camps, underprivileged areas in the south of Jordan are entitled to some $$$ Noor & Mary Antoinette are spending ....

ma3lesh noor be6la3elha tba3ze2 la2anno amerekeyyeh w e7na b hal balad 3enna 3o2det na2s men el ajaneb..ama bent el balad ray7a '3eir 3sl mssa'7ameen el fo2ara....noor em el almaas..w rania em el fasateen...


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