Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Trials and Tribulations of Learning to Read Arabic

So, we're at the bank today and I'm trying my hand at reading one of their flyers. I sound out the words with little to no recognition of meaning and finally one word sounds very odd to me. "El 3atal, what does mill-ee-won-eer mean?" "What?!" he replies. "Mill-ee-won-eer." Finally he reads it himself. "Oh, that's millionaire." Dum-dum-dum.... Hahahaha! Okay, so sorry, but when how does THAT spell millionaire? Teehee.
Happy reading!


At 7:08 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree-- English words spelled out in Arabic letters are the hardest for me to read. I mean, what is Ka-ma-bee-oo-ter? Oh, Computer? Augh!

At 8:43 AM , Blogger Moey said...

at least you're doing an effort.

At 11:04 AM , Blogger Dave said...

I agree, as well. I always have the hardest time with transliterated English words. I'm just not expecting them to be in there.

At 11:11 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hee-hee!! Me too!

At 3:10 AM , Blogger MommaBean said...

Thanks all for your encouragement. I typically spend time thinking and trying out many different potential pronounciations, but since I wasn't expecting it to be an English word, I didn't even try... Teehee.


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