Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Shopping Solitaire

So, since we moved to Jordan, it seems like grocery shopping has become something of a solitary wasteland for MommaBean. I have a confession to make: I hate shopping. I mean all types of shopping. I don't like buying clothes, shoes, anything. In particular, grocery shopping is a type of torture for me. In the US, the whole family typically suffered through it together. In Jordan, it's MommaBean's reward for, well, I'm not sure WHY I've been tasked with this awful experience every week. I guess since HelperBean can't drive, El 3atal is too lazy, and the Beans complan to Mommabean if they don't have any food it falls to me. Oh, the joy.

To illustrate, in the two years that we've lived here, I'd estimate El 3atal has gone grocery shopping 3-4 times. HelperBean comes more often when the kids are in school and nothing else is going on, but the common denominator for all grocery rips is that MommaBean must go :(. As a result, I'm very familiar with what each store in town has. I have to hit two stores every week and sometimes three(how pitiful is that?).

At any rate, the last two weeks, I've had a new companion to save me from my solitary trek... JuniorBean. When I offered, he was the one who wanted to come. He enjoys rolling is big boy cart around with me and picking his favorite items to go in it (this week, apples and bananas). So, instead of being a lonely MommaBean, I'm kept company by my little man constantly having to watch him to make sure he avoids stranger's shins (usually), the end caps on aisles (sometimes), and such obstructions. I have to sa, if you're like me and wondering what you can do to sice up your grocery store trips, I'd recommend taking a child with you (but only one, more becomes an annoying competition).

Happy Solitaire!


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