Monday, November 27, 2006

A Whirlwind Marathon of Shopping

So, yesterday I actually managed to hit all three of my grocery stores. That's right, in one marathon day, I not only worked the whole day but shopped at C-Town, Cozmo, and Safeway. I've mentioned before that I can't ever find everything in one place. So, yesterday I gave up the effort. Instead of eating lunch, I went to C-Town and bought all of the non-perishables I could find. (I also bought myself some chips and a snickers vis a vis lunch.) After work, I dashed to Cozmo for all of the other things on my list. Well, except for chocolate chips and Kan Doo Wipes. And crackers. And.. the list could go on, but I'll stop here. Of course, when I went into Safeway it was just for the chocolate chips and the ATM machine. So, I didn't get a cart. The I remembered a few other things (you know, I spotted the strawberries, though about the Kandoo Wipes, noticed the crackers). By the time I got to the chips, I was rather heavily loaded down. I think everyone though I was just a bit crazy as I waddled to the check-out line. But, I managed to totally clear out my lists (except for club crackers which no one had). So, that was a little bit of joy. I don't think Thess agreed when she was up until 9 pm washing fruits and veggies, but at least she didn't have to be quite as creative in packing snacks for the kids :).

Happy eating!


At 6:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Momma bean, could you find choc chips for less than 4JD? If so, let me know.

Mabruuk...I know that feels good! My hubby usually does all our shopping, his work being near the Big Three.

At 7:34 AM , Blogger MommaBean said...


I'm actually wishing I could find REAL chocolate chips. We buy the oddly flavored candy by the pound ones at Safeway for pancakes. But, our helper used all the real ones we found at Cozmo and now I don't have any for my special Christmas cookies :(. Sadly, I ahd to go AGAIN yesterday for the things that missed the list...


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