Saturday, December 09, 2006

Christmas Really IS Coming!

Okay, so last night ButterBean and I had a nice Mommy-daughter experience. We went to see the YWCA Choir in cooperation with Dozan Wa Atwar sing A Christmas candle. Once again Shireen Abu Khader outdid herself. I didn't imagine that this could be better than the Requiem, but it was even more lovely. And, to be honest, I had been having a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit. It's so odd to not see Christmas lights up and parking lots full of Christmas trees for sale. No Christmas trees with lights on them winking out through windows. Stores only just getting stocked for Christmas. So, I've been feeling decidedly off-beat. But last night, the very first song (Bisaba Hil Alf Italet) with a solo by Nadine Shahuan moved me to tears. It's not in English (clearly) and I've never heard it before, but the beauty was in mistakable. The soloist had an amazing talent. In fact, all of the performers did. Because this performance was targeted at kids, the choir had the audience help in several places (we even got to conduct one of the pieces serving as a metronome). They told a little story, explained the instruments being used. All in all it was very kid-friendly. By the last two songs, ButterBean was tired, but she enjoyed the audience participation in the last two. Reem Abu-Rahmeh on the piano and in the supporting actress role (or was she the lead actress?) was wonderful. Now I'm trying to pressure her to take over at ButterBean's school when her mom leaves (if you know her help me out on this). And, I can't talk about the performance without giving a huge nod to Zaid Salfiti. This young man possesses a mighty talent (and he's very handsome). I had the joy of sitting in the front row and the sound quality and animation of the performers was amazing. It has so inspired me, that I plan to get out my Christmas decorations today. While we don't have a tree yet, I have lots and lots of Christmas hangings, etc, that can get put out now. So, I'm excited to do it. The team is performing one more time tonight in Fuheis at the Sacred Heat of Mary Church. I seriously recommend that you go see it. I can't say enough complimentary things. And, thank you to the entire choir for giving me the spirit of Christmas when I was having trouble finding it. I appreciate it and you. Hats off to Shireen Abu Khader for outdoing herself!

Happy Preparations!


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