Friday, April 06, 2007

It's A Small World After All...

Is there anyone else out there who can't help but think of Mickey Mouse whenever they hear (or think of) that song? Recently Teta and Jiddo Bean took a trip to the US. They visited with Teta bean's brother and his kids in the Mid-West. One of Khalo Bean's sons is running for his local School Board. For those of you who are not familiar with American politics, the school board is an elected office that serves as a policy making body for a district (or group) of public schools. Khalo Bean's son had a rally for his supporters, which he invited Teta and Jiddo bean to attend. At the event, he introduced them to the gathered crowd, Teta Bean and Jiddo Bean from Jordan. At that point, one of Ibn-Khalo Bean's good friends shouted "Wait a minute! My cousin lives in Jordan and is married to El 3atal." There was much rejoicing as Teta Bean and Cousin Bean realized that they were among family they had not yet met. It sounds as if the event was lots of fun. And, it just proves that it's a very small world when MommaBean's cousin and El 3atal's cousin are good friends yet go for years without realizing that they are related by marriage. The world gets smaller and smaller, doesn't it?

Happy Coincidences!


At 10:43 AM , Blogger Sharon said...

That's spooky!

I befriended a distant cousin I met on a kibbutz in a country close to where you live. She was from South Africa and we stayed in touch. I had no idea I had family in S. Africa. We only figured it out nine years later when her mother married a guy from my home town. We thought two coincidences were enough, until I had him as a passenger on my flight...twice (the second being his honeymoon with the next wife).


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